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   Kathryn Lynn Kramer​​ is from the Rocky Mountain area of the United States.  A native of Colorado she was born in Boulder, a city that has a rich history that began with a gold strike in 1859. Kathryn's ancestors were from the Highlands of Scotland (Macquarrie), Devonshire, England (Vickery) and Germany (Kramer).  She also has ancestors who were Native American  on both her father's (Seminole) and mother's (Cherokee) side of the family. The family members in her "family tree" were the inspiration for many of her stories.

      Kathy has always been an avid reader and says that even as a child her mother had to "practically shove me out the door" to go outside and play because she preferred books to playing games. When she was in elementary school she wrote a book of fairy tales and illustrated them with her drawings. History was her favorite subject in high school and she often called upon days past for assignments in English class. She was also involved in Thespians and played the part of Estella in Dicken's GREAT EXPECTATIONS as well as various parts in other plays. At the Nomad Theater in Boulder she played Maria in WEST SIDE STORY. Music was also important to Kathy and inspired her to go to the University of Colorado where she majored in Music Education, played piano and sang with the CU Jazz band and later with a jazz quartet.  It is no coincidence that several of her characters are either singers or play instruments.

       The writing "bug" bit her while she was working at an aerospace company.  In addition to her daytime job she spent evenings and weekends working on her first manuscript--a story set during the American Civil War. Despite rejection slips she kept working and revising, also writing two other stories.  After two years of taping rejection slips to her wall, she was rewarded when her story concerning a Roman soldier and a lovely young Celtic woman (LOVE'S BLAZING ECSTASY) was bought by NAL for a new line of historical romance novels they were starting. Next she sold her first Viking story -- FLAME FROM THE SEA. Both were nominated for ROMANTIC TIMES "Reviewer's Choice" awards. Her third book FLAME OF DESIRE (written as Katherine Vickery) won the "Reviewer's Choice" award and gave her inspiration to continue writing.



      Kathy's mother, Marcia Vickery Hockett, aided her in writing by helping with historical research, editing and by giving her ideas. Three years later they formed a partnership in writing books written under the pseudonym Kathryn Hockett. It was a labor of love that they continued for many years. Many of the stories began after a "brainstorming" session.  What if......?  What if a shy schoolteacher was kidnapped by a bandido so that he could learn to read?  Also, many plots were taken from historical events. SWEET SAVAGE SURRENDER was sparked by an article in the local newspaper concerning controversy about the name of a University of Colorado residence hall named for a man who took part in the "Sand Creek Massacre."  SIREN SONG was drawn from the story of how Marcia's mother (from the East)  met and married her father (a gold miner from the rugged West).

     Together Kathryn and Marcia wrote a total of 20 books with the pseudonym Kathryn Hockett. Four books were written under the name Katherine Vickery. Kathryn wrote 16 books using her real name. Vikings, pirates, gunfighters, knights, bounty hunters, dime novel writers, Roman soldiers, ships' captains, gypsies, bandits, highwaymen and English lords and ladies soon moved from ideas to written pages. The hero and heroine of each historical romance novel was added to Kathy's doll collection, the costumes of which were created during the research phase of the books to make certain the garments were accurately depicted. Writing had become one of the most important events of their lives.  

      Even when Kathryn was diagnosed with cancer she and her mother continued writing. "It was great therapy," Kathy insists. Writing was a way to escape her fears for the future and her pain. Happily Kathy is a cancer survivor who looks back at her struggle with the deadly disease as a time of courage and hope. It seemed that the future was to be a happy one.  Unfortunately, however, Marcia suffered a stroke while speaking at her own mother's funeral.  It was a shock to Kathy and as she says, "an icepick to my heart.  My mother was also my best friend.  Her death was devastating, so much so that for ten long years I didn't have the heart to write--anything."  The last published work was EXPLORER, part of the Viking Series.

      Kathryn put her writing on hold for ten years. During that time there were many changes that occurred in the publishing world--including the birth of ebooks. It was while attending a local writers' conference--the subject of which was about how to hire the speaker's company to format books for Amazon--that Kathy realized how much she missed writing. She was inspired to format and redo the previously published historical novels written by her mother and herself for a new generation and a new market. Forty books!  Half of the books had not been written on a computer but on the typewriter and so had to be totally re-typed.  A labor of love and patience. Now all Kramer, Hockett, and Vickery books are available on Amazon.com as ebooks. In addition Kathryn has written HIGHLAND GHOST and a new Viking book--Ragnar--which is a prequel to the saga of a brave Viking family begun in OUTCAST. Kathy is currently writing a story set in Elizabethan times concerning the death of Christopher Marlowe.  A novel about the "Trail of Tears" is next on the list. In 2017 the saga begun in DESTINY AND DESIRE will continue (ASHES AND AWAKENINGS) and a story about the Orphan Train - THE RAINBOW RIDERS- will follow.